On July 16th, 2016, Cape Championship Wrestling held its first event at the Osage Center. I was excited to know that Cape Girardeau finally had its own wrestling promotion; it’s still exciting to me. As a wrestling fan of nearly 10 years, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time, and I treat every CCW show like it is the first one.

CCW took off very quickly with Ricochet being at CCW Homecoming (the second show), James Ellsworth being at Red Devil’s Revenge (the fourth show), and Broken Matt Hardy being at the most recent show, Tag Team Warfare. While bringing in well-known wrestlers, CCW has done a great job at building its regulars such as Brandon Barbwire, Little Bit, Billy Hills, and so on. I had no idea who these talents were when this promotion started, but I have fallen in love with them since. I have been at all, but one, of the shows, but this most recent show was the best one yet.

Much like a Heavyweight Champion was crowned at CCW’s debut show, Tag Team Champions were crowned at Tag Team Warfare. As I said before, Broken Matt Hardy also competed in a match. The entire night was fun, and I can’t wait for March Malice at the AC Brase Arena Building in Cape Girardeau, MO on March 25th.

Being a CCW fan since the beginning, I would like to take a look at each of the CCW Originals (talents who have been there since the first or second show):

Little Bit/Marni Gras

She’s always so fun to watch and very enthusiastic. It’s very entertaining to see a wrestler with two characters; her switch from Little Bit to Marni Gras in the Semi-Finals of the Tag Team Title Tournament caught me off guard for a second. I love seeing creativity, and she has it.

Sarah Summers

She’s always so mean to me! Rather it’s at the show or on social media, she never breaks heel character around me. Despite our kayfabe hostility, she’s always fun to interact with and, of course, boo.

Jason Vaughn

“The Fury” is probably one of my favorite storytelling characters in CCW. You had the early feud with Billy Hills, who took out Jason by running him over with a truck (“Redneck Strong Style”). There was the feud with Dell Tucker where JD Wilks, Jason’s apprentice, was introduced; Dell, after beating Jason, left them both battered in the ring at Caged Chaos. Now, JD Wilks has turned against his teacher. It’s going to be a great story between JD and Jason.

Billy Hills

“Farmer” Billy Hills: the most vilified wrestler in CCW. The fans love to hate him. I remember making a shirt just for him, when I was big on cosplaying Kevin Owens), that said “Billy Hills Sucks”. The guy definitely knows how to work a crowd. Billy is a guy that I want to see on my television someday. Congratulations to him and Dell Tucker on becoming the first CCW Tag Team Champions.

Hollis Giroux

Hollis is a good dude. I’m not going to lie: it took me a little while to get behind him, but he has grown on me. He’s one of those guys that does his talking in the ring, and I admire that a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing him face Austin Lane on March 25th; it will be a match to remember. My expectations are high.

Austin Lane

From rope-to-rope and pillar-to-post, the Best of the Best Austin Lane! Now that I have legally said his name, let me say this: he’s amazing! He made his CCW debut against Ricochet, and it set the bar very high for the entire CCW roster. I have a great amount of respect for Austin, not just because he’s good at what he does, but because he brings the best out of everyone (the wrestlers and the crowd). I did have to root against him in the Barbwire/Lane saga (because Brandon’s my dude), but despite all of that, I am happy to call him one of the best in the Midwest Indy Scene today.


Sexy Sarge O Riley

You may have heard this quote from various Metal Gear Solid games: “Age hasn’t slowed you down one bit”. That’s Sarge. I am 92% sure that when the time comes, he will be delivering scoop slams in Heaven. Much like Hollis, it took time for Sarge to grow on me, but now I bring Sexy Section signs to every show.

Brandon Espinosa

At CCW Homecoming, I chanted “let’s go this guy” at him when he was wrestling Billy Hills. That was rude, and I’m sorry.

Espy is not just some guy; he’s one of the most talented wrestlers I have ever watched live. I’m not just saying that to kiss ass, but because it’s true. He has put on some of CCW’s best matches, and I can’t wait to see the continuation of his rivalry with Ace Hawkins on March 25th. Their first match was an instant classic, and this match will be no different.


I don’t know if I want to get into this, because the guys over at Pro Wrestling Unscripted might tear me a new one. I’ll just say this:

He looks cool, and the crowd is behind him. I love Blaster! I’m curious to see what he will do now since he is out of the Pinnacle. Will Blaster and Sin (or is it Syn) win the Tag Team Titles at March Malice?

P.S. It’s cool to see a guy who I screamed “don’t ever come back to Cape” at is now the most over guy in CCW.

Brandon Barbwire

Every once in a while, I’ll get a person that asks, “what is it that you like about Brandon Barbwire?” This goes all the way back to the first show.

In the very first match of the very first CCW show, Brandon Barbwire came out of those curtains with fire in his eyes. I loved everything about him: his look, in-ring ability, and charisma. Then, he turned heel, and the people started booing him (understandably so). I, however, shouted, “I still love you, Brandon!” He turned to me and told me that he was going to be my scumbag from now on. Since then, Brandon and I have been great friends (or it seems).

When I talk about him on social media, I’m not just doing it to be a part of the CCW conversation, but to spread the word about Brandon Barbwire, because I want Brandon to be a non-stop success. He may play the role of a bad guy, but he is a great guy that deserves to be successful.

However, there is one thing that I believe is holding him back. Actually, it’s one person.

Jeff O Dell

It is difficult to argue against results; Jeff has managed the Pinnacle to the gold on two separate occasions. There is no doubting his skills as a manager. The Pinnacle achieves victory by any means necessary. He always has a trick up his sleeve.

This is why I do not trust that Jeff has good intentions for Brandon.

The finish to the main event of Caged Chaos in January had everyone asking the question, “Who paid off the referee?” Was it the former General Manager? All of this happens, and he suddenly resigns, so it would make sense, right? I don’t think he did it though. We’ve had our differences, but he would never go that low.

After the events of Tag Team Warfare, it is crystal clear that Jeff doesn’t have faith in Brandon Barbwire. If Jeff doesn’t have faith in Brandon, then why would Jeff keep him in the Pinnacle? Maybe Barbwire was supposed to be kicked out at Caged Chaos with Hollis joining forces with Jeff and representing the Pinnacle as champion. But it didn’t work, did it?

I am not denying the effectiveness of Jeff’s tactics, but I’m also not denying that he’s a crook. I can only hope that Brandon sees this before it’s too late.

With all this great talent and controversy, why would you not come to Cape Championship Wrestling’s March Malice on March 25th? Get your tickets this Friday! Also, be sure to check out CCW’s Facebook page for updates, because you never know who will be announced. I hope to see you all at the show!

A big thank you to all CCW Management, Staff, and Wrestlers for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make in order to bring entertainment to its fans. Long Live CCW!